Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Non-specific thoughts

The greatest influence on modern music was a group of lads from Liverpool, England. Their music still sells, still influences and they are still number 1. John was murdered in 1980 by an idiot and arsehole. His friend, George, died in in 2002. I hope that Paul and Richard have a long wait to meet them and play again.
There is another group from England that, in my mind, are number 2 . Formed in 1962 this band has changed over the years but the following boys were once in it: Brian, Mick J., Keith, Bill, Charlie, Mick T., and Ronnie.. The compilation "Forty Licks" only has one bad tune. 39 out of 40 ain't bad. Keith and Mick J collaborate in the writing of the groups music. Live long "Glimmer Twins."

A Liberal is just a conservative who has been arrested and incarcerated. A Canadian Liberal is simply a socialist in a hurry.

I do not think there is a compelling reason why, in the 21st century, we observe daylight savings time. During World War 1 it was a policy to help preserve coal which was vital to the war effort. After the war, it was never repealed. Like income tax, it was supposed to be a temporary measure.

What would have happened to the music industry if Robert Johnson never went to the crossroads?


  1. Wow, really roaming around the woodpile today! I'll save most of my comments, but who the h*ll is Robert Johnson....

  2. Robert Johnson is considered the father of the modern blues. Legend has it he met the devil at a crossroads and sold his soul for the ability to compose and sing the blues